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Dress Code

Dress Code

TOPS    -white  or navy polo style shirt with no logo or kelly green polo style

                        shirt with or without Eunice logo

                -tops must be tucked in at all times  


BOTTOMS   -dark khaki or navy cotton twill pants, shorts, or

                           Skirts (girls only)

                - must have belt loops and belts must be worn at all times      

                - bottoms can not be baggy, oversized, nor have pockets

                            on the lower leg

                - brand name emblems must not exceed 1"x2" in size


SOCKS   - must be worn at all times

                - must be navy, white, black, khaki, or kelly green

                - crew length socks must cover the ankle and be

                              visible above the shoe


SHOES   - must be closed shoe ( front and back )

                - sandals, clogs, flip flops, and slippers are not allowed


OUTERWEAR   - must be plain and solid color including white,

                                  gray, kelly green or khaki

                     - no logos are allowed except for that of the Eunice Bobcats

                     - uniform shirt collar must be seen when wearing

                                   sweaters and sweatshirts